CES 2023: Experiencing Tech Like Never Before

February 1, 2023

When it comes to discovering the latest consumer tech innovations, no one is more excited than our techies at Lede TV, Bolt PR’s media company. We simply live for what’s coming next. And where else would we be able to witness life-changing products and services first hand than at the Consumer Technology Association’s CES 2023 event?

We joined forces with the Bolt PR consumer tech experts and packed our bags for Las Vegas with eyes and minds open to receiving as much information as possible. What we discovered exceeded expectations. CES 2023 was a high-energy, technology-packed event that showcased the latest advancements in consumer electronics. From cutting-edge healthtech and the world's most powerful computing devices, to innovative video game/esports gear and beyond, CES 2023 was a feast for our hungry eyes and a glimpse into the future. 

The show floor was buzzing with excitement as industry leaders and innovators alike gathered to share their visions for the future of technology. With a focus on sustainability and accessibility, CES 2023 proved that technology is not just about what's new, but also about how it will improve everyday lives. 

Here’s the breakdown of who we met, what we saw, and the latest tech we had the opportunity to demo at CES.

Impressive French Tech

As soon as we entered the impressive French Pavilion in Eureka Park, we knew we had stumbled upon a wonderland that would make Alice and the Mad Hatter jealous. The French delegation brought over 175 companies together in one venue, making it the single biggest foreign delegation at CES. From solutions in the automotive and IoT sectors, to brilliant devices for healthcare and wellness, French innovators brought everything they had to the table.

One such company we had the pleasure of speaking with was I-Percut, the technology that has revolutionized the boxing workout for professionals and amateurs alike. With a smart app that connects seamlessly to a punching bag, it’s easier than ever to monitor performance and customize workouts. As you might guess, our arms were sore all the way home because we had to throw a few test punches. 

Another French brand, FOGO, turned many heads, including ours, and bagged multiple accolades at CES for their smart radiators. We could not resist checking out this brilliantly designed heater that utilizes AI to learn and optimize its heating cycles to better anticipate users’ needs. And, because energy always has a price, FOGO’s patented design is ecological and environmentally friendly in every facet. Somebody get this radiator a PhD, because it just outsmarted every heater out there. 


Tech that utilizes the latest in artificial intelligence was certainly the center of attention under the French Pavilion, and we couldn’t pass up Ochy’s booth without a second look. The innovators at Ochy showed us how they use AI to bring lab-quality movement analysis to a smartphone so athletes can evaluate their technique at any time. The movements are recorded into a biomechanics algorithm that considers every part of the body plus the person’s height, weight, gender, and running speed and then provides a diagnosis specific to them. Needless to say, they had us “running” for more information on how we can get our hands on that app asap.

Cutting-Edge Netherlands Tech 

After a much-needed lunch break to cleanse our brain-power “palate,” we wandered over to some innovations provided by the Dutch delegation, which also had an immense number of featured organizations. First we had to check out the Steambox self-heating lunch box. Thank goodness we already ate, because this technology was delicious in every facet. With the ability to enjoy hot food anywhere, anytime, users can say goodbye to having to search for a microwave. We tried to picture all of the places we would take this heating box, like on a hiking trail or enjoying a meal while waiting for an oil change at the dealership. 


We also met up with the geniuses behind Nuwa Pen, a high-powered digital pen that seeks to blur the boundaries between screens and reality. We were completely blown away by witnessing how the pen was able to write on regular paper, with built-in cameras to digitize the writing simultaneously, allowing you to access notes anywhere, anytime. Our Bolt PR content team was especially intrigued and can’t wait to merge the traditional and futuristic writing powers.

In addition to these brilliant devices, Netherlands brand Upmarqt is revolutionizing the way startups operate by connecting them to freelance service providers that match their needs perfectly. Our team spoke with Upmarqt CEO and Founder Olga Ten to get her full run-down of the personalized marketplace: “Our experts first learn your needs as a startup and match you with three to six freelancers who will be the best fit in terms of skill fit and business need and eliminating the long process of finding top talent.” Our full interview with Olga can be found here

There were also some incredible wellness tech brands such as VRelax, a VR experience with high-definition visuals and interactive exercises to transport users away from stress and pain. The serene ocean and deep forest landscapes made us want to take the VR headset back to our hotel rooms to unwind after a day on our feet. 

Innovators We Met 

Another incredible part of the CES 2023 experience was the ability to catch up with familiar faces. In 2022, we had the privilege of interviewing CES exhibitors including Boston-based startup Impact Biosystems, who is revolutionizing long term physical performance in the health and fitness space. We stopped by to see the latest updates in the Pact muscle scanner and massager designed to help athletes of all levels recover faster and perform at their peak. .

We also reconnected with Basement Defender, the smart monitor for basement sump pumps, on a mission to deliver peace of mind to homeowners. When catching up with the team at CES 2023, we learned the advanced Basement Defender system is now available directly to consumers. 

Brands like these remind us why we love what we do – watching the products of tomorrow being designed and created before our eyes today. And we have to admit, it’s pretty fulfilling to bring you the news of the latest brands and then continue rooting for them every step of the way.

Interactive Demos We Got Our Hands On

Let’s face it, part of the fun of discovering new brands is trying out some of this cool tech for ourselves. One such brand is Clevon, an organization with a passionate mission of reducing costs on the last mile through driverless, green and efficient solutions. The Clevon team let us drive a vehicle in a Texas parking lot all the way from Las Vegas – say what?! That’s right, with Clevon’s smart technology, we took the wheel of the delivery vehicle located over 1,195 miles away in Fort Worth. 

We also experienced the stress-reducing power of TouchPoint Solutions’ wearable technology. Designed to wear as wristbands or discretely on the waistband, socks, backpack straps and other locations on the body, the TouchPoints instantly melted our stress away with gentle vibrations that shifted our brain from the default "fight or flight" stress response to a balanced and calm state.

Other fun technology that we couldn’t keep our hands off of included JellieMons’ wireless speakers and headphones brought to life by beloved and entertaining characters, Roland’s advanced and cutting-edge drum systems and the latest in Microsoft video games. And let’s just say, we’re glad some of our team members were there to pull us away (ahem, Laney) from the gaming station or we would have been there all day! 

At Lede TV, the media company of Bolt PR, we are charged to capture the latest consumer products and innovations through videos, interviews and demos. Our team was wowed by the latest AI-powered technologies, 5G advancements, cutting-edge VR experiences and more at technology’s biggest event of the year. Seeing the passion of these brands in transforming the world for the better makes us want to give them a round of applause for their dedication to the health and wellness of our planet and everyone who calls it home. 

As we sit back at our desks and ponder our time spent on the bustling CES floor, we can’t help but become excited about putting these next-level products to use in our own lives while sharing the news through Bolt PR’s strategic digital marketing, content development and PR strategies. When you’re ready to catapult your tech brand into the future, turn to the team with a track record of charging results and driving impact.